This Is Not A Take Away (TINATA) is a curatorial project that showcases artists and non-artists who are interested in a particular approach towards how food is sourced, prepared, served or eaten. From primitive palate to emotional eating, from recipes as memories to family roles dynamics, this series of events will explore the way we experience food from new and fascinating points of view.

TINATA is a project which brings together the love of food and eating with an opportunity for sharing and dialogue. These two things come hand in hand. Food is a lifeline and a connection between people. We will investigate the reasons why people eat, how people eat and what they eat, everyday habits and bizarre methods of cookery. Solitary grazing will be challenged by a communal but intimate space that will allow for conversation, controversy and analysis.

Started as a series of dinners which took place in different locations around East London, the project has then evolved extending the scope of its investigation/intervention both methodologically and geographically.

TINATA was proudly featured on Time Out magazine, Evening Standard magazine, Le Cool London, Hoxton FM and Radio 24 among other media. TINATA was twice nominated event of the month by Whitechapel Gallery’s First Thursdays and won the Local Favourite Award 2015 by The Culture Trip.