We asked participants to send us some thoughts about their experience at Tinata…and here they are!


“It brought a whole community together.  The atmosphere was amazing and this event seemed to have fostered a sense of well being in Mitcham”

                                                                                            Rosemary Jeboo


“Just want to say that I went to last month’s event and it was a lot of fun and very interesting. Hope to come again.”

Roz Buyong



I loved the event, the food was great and so was the company.  I’m amazed at the level of detail and food quality, many thanks to the organizers and the chefs, I would love to get the recipes for all of the dishes we had.  Just amazing!!!

Thank you so much.”

Tatiana Alexanian


“Hi everyone!

we had so much fun!  The food was fantastic, delicious desserts and the bread was spectacular! We shared the table with interesting people and conversation flowed effortlessly. Great night! I look forward to the next event!”

Valentina Voltan


“Hey you guys,

it was such fun. The food was great! It reminded me a bit of when, in my youth, I was a member of the Trosky party which was  essentially a bunch of intellects sitting around a great dinner party pontificating about the world, history, politics I got my gold Ice Pick but lost it on a drunken night out (Leon would have loved that)…….we never really solved anything…….as you can tell……..but I do believe ideas have to be shared and thats how good work is done. So well done!”

Dallas Seitz


“Here you go guys,

Thanks so much for the other night, thought provoking stuff under a spring moon. I took so much away to digest from Gut Club’s generous work, their polemic and platters provoking a revolution from within. Warm thanks again!”

Dimitri Launder / Artist Gardener”