Velvet Zoe Ramos Presents :: The Feast: A Banquet of Crude Empathy

Secret Location in East London (E2) London, United Kingdom

Velvet Zoe Ramos Presents: The Feast: A Banquet of Crude Empathy Hunger knows no friend but its feeder Aristophanes, 450-386 BC Banquet refers to the dynamics of harvest, waste and famine, the ritual of cooking and the giving and receiving in circumstances … Continue reading

Tinata Presents: Reclaim!

Fitzroy House 3 Abbot Street, E8 3DP, London, United Kingdom

Would you like to see your lover thrown away in a bin just because his eyebrows are slightly bigger than "average"? TINATA Presents: Reclaim! This month Tinata wanted to tell you the story about how much delicious food goes wasted in … Continue reading

TINATA Presents: Lunch o’Clock

Mitcham Market near the clocktower, Mitcham, London, United Kingdom

TINATA is proud to collaborate with OneMitcham project on Mitcham's Food Festival 2013! TINATA was asked to organise something for the festival and we decided to ask all local residents for help! Inspiring local food lovers have run free cooking … Continue reading


Alfonso Borragán Presents :: Ötzi

St John on Bethnal Green 200 Cambridge Heath Road , London , United Kingdom

Ötzi is a banquet of transient signs. A ritualistic dinner, an event that explores diverse interpretations of ingestion and cultural absorption. Named after the oldest known european mummy, who was found to have carbon tattoos on his body, Ötzi deals with … Continue reading