Spork Club Presents: At the Table

Secret Location in East London London, United Kingdom

Spork Club presents: At the Table At this table we talk. At this table we listen. At the table is an exploration of the mythical family dinner and the real one you may or may not have grown up with. It’s … Continue reading

Amy Godfrey Presents: Hand Me Down

London, United Kingdom

Amy Godfrey presents: Hand Me Down. Passed on, leaving a trace of each hand, stained and marked by previous efforts, a plastic bag full of old cookery books as an inheritance. Hand Me Down explores the way that cooking is sedimented … Continue reading

Nora Silva presents: Umami

London, United Kingdom

Nora Silva presents: Umami - “Do you know your wife? - My wife? - Do you know your wife well enough? - Better than myself. - Well, she is a man.” We were always told there were four in the mouth. Well, … Continue reading

James Walker Presents: Emotional Eating

London, United Kingdom

Taking influence from group therapy, neurogastronomy, rituals and relational aesthetics, James Walker facilitates a two-night event exploring the ways in which food can trigger reactions both at a physiological and an emotional level. Participants experienced first-hand the chemical properties of particular … Continue reading

Café Prèsque Presents: A Meal of Style

London, UK, United Kingdom

Café Prèsque Presents: A Meal of Style "We present, for your dining pleasure, a meal of style. Having devised a collection of the most garish and aesthetically perplexing dishes imaginable, we seek to dazzle you with some of the most bizarre … Continue reading