Silvio Palladino

Silvio Palladino founded TINATA in 2012 out of his interest in food, stories and people.

His personal investigation focuses on the dynamics of dialogue and participation in relation to human feelings, relations and behaviours, in the context of contemporary society. Through installations and participatory events he invites the public to engage in a constructive dialogue on current themes, emphasizing the hidden mechanisms on which people, relationships and structures are based. He strongly believes in the importance of working in a public environment aiming to generate an interstice within the existing social and economic system.

He has co-curated Public View 2008. Has been guest lecturer at the Visual Perception and Communication course at the University of Florence in Italy. He took part in numerous exhibitions in London and internationally, including the Venice Biennale 2011, and his work has been commissioned by institutions such as TATE Britain.

Silvio’s website

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