Sorcha-Mae Stott-Strzala

Soon after Silvio started the project, he was joined by Sorcha, who at the time was writing her thesis on the relation between food and art.

Sorcha-Mae Stott-Strzala is a videographer and live artist who’s practice involves capturing moments of quotidian and the everyday.
Intimate moments create a highly mediated portrait of the muse and her movement through changing environments. The exploration of food in TINATA stems from her ongoing research that explores ‘EatArt’ and the role of giving in edible performance art. Stott-Strzala tends to work with installation and video and believes that participant lead food events help enhance an understanding of oneself and the human condition in general. Her work in hospitality and the food industry combined with working in the arts, has lead to a diverse range of performance and video, exhibited in and around London and Manchester.

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