Profile :: Velvet Zoe Ramos

Velvet Zoe Ramos was born in the USA and grew up on the island of Aruba. She lives and works in London and has been involved in a number of exhibition projects.

Strongly influenced by Alfredo Jaar she refrains from using images of victims and explores different approaches to contextualise her work. With her ‘performance-related’ installations she draws attention to the pain of the other without exploiting their suffering.

Ramos prepares simple dishes made from ingredients supplied in emergency aid drops. Guests are invited to scoop the food with ‘plasma cut’ hollowed spoons. The process of adding food onto rice bread or plates proofs to be slow and ineffective.  This is a result Ramos deliberately intended. The provided napkins are lyrical reminders telling stories of the other. ©Renée Pfister, 2012

Velvet’s website

Velvet Ramos presented The Feast: A Banquet of Crude Empathy as TINATA’s November 2012 event

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